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Backflow Testing and Repair

Backflow Repairs, Service and Installations

Keep your drinking water safe, contact us to schedule a backflow testing, repair and installation. We pride ourselves on educating you on how to reduce the risk of inadvertently contaminating your private or the public water supply. Advanced Plumbing Service is unique in that our service includes not only a one-time test and certification; but also a complete backflow services and maintenance program of each backflow device we work on for one full year? No call-back charges for cleaning or repair.

Backflow Device Installation

Advanced Plumbing Service is a fully licensed plumbing contractor with over thirty years experience. Our specialty is plumbing in the interest of the public health; we safe-guard your drinking water. We provide the installation and certification of all types of backflow prevention assemblies, ranging in size from 1/4 inch through 10 inches.

Advanced Plumbing Service has the technical expertise to perform and maintain a complete municipal survey that incorporates the on-site inspection with the test results of all installed backflow prevention assemblies in our computer database for review by EPA personnel.

Backflow Computerized Inventory

If you are a commercial customer, Advanced Plumbing Service maintains the record-keeping portion of your corporate backflow program as part of your backflow certification. Two weeks prior to your annual certification due date, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to ensure your continued compliance with local, state and EPA requirements.

If you are a municipal customer, Advanced Plumbing Service maintains the backflow prevention certifications and incorporates them into your system survey on a daily basis, thus ensuring that on any given day, your municipal cross-connection control program is up-to-date and ready for review by EPA personnel.

Five Products Used for Protection from Cross Connections

Backflow Can Occur Two Ways:

  • Negative pressure causes a 'back-siphon.' Negative pressure creates a partial vacuum in a sealed tube or distribution system that can siphon liquid into a potable water system. Remember, liquids will flow toward the point of lowest pressure.
  • Superior pressure causes back pressure back flow.
  • Superior pressure can be caused by a pump, boiler System, or elevated storage tank located in a non-potable system.

Breaks in a water main or fire hydrant use are two examples that may cause a system to backflow. These are situations that can happen without notice and therefore require continuous prevention.

Prevention is Maintained Through:

  • Careful considerations of water supply connections.
  • A system of valves set up for protection. (the type of valve is determined by the hazard it protects).
  • Regular inspection/testing of backflow prevention valves.

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