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Drains / Sewers

Sewer Construction

Your Wastewater System. The sewer construction in your home ties into each bathroom group, bathtub/shower, toilet, sink, ties in to the same line as the next bathroom group and then the washing machine ties in and the kitchen sinks and the dishwasher and guest bath etc... ties into each other down the line into one main pipe that exits the building.

This main pipe is called the outside Sanitary Service Line. It will travel across your property and connect to the sanitary Sewer Main near the street. This Sanitary Service Line is the property owner's responsibility to repair and maintain all the way out to the Inspection Chamber, just as if it were inside the home.

The sewer inspection chamber is usually a vertical, capped 200mm (6 inch) pipe that provides direct access to the sewer system at the edge of the property. It is very important that you do not obstruct access to the inspection chamber with ground cover, material building, fence or structure. The sewer main line in the street serves your residence, you neighbor's residence, and all the other homes and businesses on your street and is maintained by the public service department. Your wastewater system is like a small stream flowing into a small river, which empties into a larger river, and so on until it reaches the ocean, which is this case is your local wastewater treatment plant. Each one of these little streams is affected by what is placed into it and at each point may have it's unusual causes for stopping up and require different tools and techniques to clear those stoppages.

You, the customer are responsible for all normal maintenance of the sanitary sewer service line on private property as well as in the City right-of-way. Normal Maintenance means the removal of materials that are flushed or dropped/inserted down the sanitary service line (including toys, baby diapers, etc.), construction debris, and tree roots. All problems on private property are the sole responsibility of the customer. Advanced Plumbing Service can work for you at cleaning out the obstruction, but if we are unable to restore service and feel that the blockage is in the right-of-way, Advanced Plumbing Service will contact the local city sewer provider, while we are still on site and a representative from their department will be dispatched immediately.

  • For homes with a curbside two-way lateral cleanout – if the problem is determined to be in the sewer lateral within the public right-of-way, the City will clean the lateral at no charge to the resident.
  • If the problem is determined to be between the home and the two-way cleanout, it is the resident's responsibility to correct the problem.
  • For homes without an approved two-way curbside lateral cleanout. If the home's sewer lateral does not have a two-way cleanout and clearing a potential stoppage requires additional plumbing work, it will not be done by the City.

Stoppages can and do occur in all points of your wastewater system. The best way to inspect pipes is to get a close up view. Advanced Plumbing Service uses state-of-the-art video equipment to pinpoint exactly what and where the problem is. Our high tech video equipment can investigate sewer lines, water lines, vacuum tubes, chimneys and storm drains – even in pipes as narrow as 1.5 inches in diameter!! With our highly sophisticated video cameras, light sources and electronic equipment, we can detect root intrusion, faults and cracks in sanitary lines and storm drains. We also locate valves, fittings and faults in water lines. NO guesswork.

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