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Bathroom Remodel

How To Survive a Remodel

Ready to remodel? It doesn't matter if the job will take two weeks or two months. When you're remodeling, you're investing a lot of time, energy and resources into creating a beautiful and functional room and the end result will definitely be worth it.

But make no mistake about it, remodeling can be very stressful. After all, you'll be living in a construction zone. It is possible, however, to survive all the sheetrock and sawdust. All it takes is some careful planning and organization to ensure your project goes smoothly and your life can stay as normal as possible.

Communication Counts

Advanced Plumbing Service Bathroom Remodeling pays close attention to the details to ensure your remodeling process goes smoothly. Mr. Moody will provide you with a weekly schedule of the work that's to be done, when materials need to be ordered and when they'll be delivered. For custom-made items, it is especially important to make your selections as early in the process as possible.

During the remodeling process, plan for extra storage. Advanced Plumbing Service Bathroom Remodeling will have extra tools, materials and equipment in your home to complete the project, so you'll want to find a good spot for them. Plan to protect your household items from any remodeling dust and debris. We cover your furniture and carpeting to help protect our client's home.

Expect the Unexpected

The bigger the project, the greater the potential for problems, such as late deliveries, wrong parts, adverse weather, on-the-spot changes and more. But if you keep your cool, and stay calm and flexible, you'll be able to ensure the remodeling process still runs smoothly. It helps to designate a safe haven in your home where you can escape from the chaos and commotion of the construction. And finally always remember to maintain a sense of humor. It's easy to get caught up in the inconvenience of the project, but look at the remodeling process as an adventure. Certain things are out of your control, so it's better to laugh than to become angry.

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