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Bathroom Remodel

How To Determine A Remodeling Budget


Consider the market value of your home to determine your remodeling budget. Be honest about your budget and work within your reasonable guidelines. Good communication in planning, results in lower stress for everyone. Plan ahead. The best way to avoid overspending your budget is to be specific in your planning.

  • Make a list of all the features you have in your existing room. Are these enough? Are there any features you would like to eliminate in your remodel?
  • Will there be any "surprise" costs to bring the structure up to local codes to accommodate your new remodeled room?
  • Create a list of additional features you'd like to add. Make a "top ten" list of the features you most would like. Be willing to compromise on less important items in order to invest in the more important features. Be alert for surprise costs. Some remodeling projects exceed budget constraints early simply because there are structural issues to be addressed that aren't initially apparent.
  • Older homes may require extra electrical or structural upgrades to accommodate the remodeling project and bring the structure up to local codes. Homes newer than 20 years are less likely to need major work of this nature.
  • Moving major features like plubming adds to the cost quickly. Stick to your budget. It doesn't take very many unplanned expenditures to totally overrun your budget.
  • Know what you have available to spend in each area, and then be diligent in observing limitations.
  • Even with careful observance, you can expect a budget overrun of about 12% due to unforeseen costs and unbudgeted expenditures. Know what you need verses what you want. Begin your plan with your basic needs.
  • Ask for a detailed written estimate and if things change mid-project, sign a change order.
  • Be consistent, prepared and available during the project. Work can stay on schedule when decisions can be made promptly.

Payment Expectations

We will provide you with a written schedule of when payments are expected. You can expect to pay as much as 50% down at the signing of the contract. An additional 40% could be required upon delivery of cabinetry and/or sinks, tubs, showers. The remaining 10% should be paid at the completion of the job.

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